Dominance in the World of Social Media

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Dominance in the World of Social Media

American author Erik Qualman surmised the influence of social media on our generation with one, simple sentence: “We don’t have a choice on whether we do social media, the question is how will we do it?”

Americans spend 27% of the time they spend online to use social networking sites, as well as 15% of total mobile internet usage. Social media produces nearly twice as many leads as trade shows, direct mail, telemarketing or pay-per-click advertising. Additionally, social media leads have a 13% higher conversion rate, and 46% of Internet users rely upon social media when they make a purchase decision.

Clearly, social media has become invaluable to businesses. Google+ is now the 2nd largest social network in terms of active users. As of December 2012, there were 693 million active Facebook users; 343 million active Google+ users, and 279 million active Twitter users. Google+ is gaining market share fast, and may even rival Facebook by the end of 2013!

There are some futurists, however, that predict in twenty years time, Facebook and Twitter may become obsolete and/or completely eradicated.  This is mainly due to technological advances, along with generational differences that could eventually lead to the decline of Facebook and Google+, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and the rest.

During Instagram’s peak of popularity, Facebook bought them out to avoid competition, and as popular as Pinterest is, it still only has about as many active users as MySpace does today.

The history of Internet trends have shown that big websites may eventually come and go, as result of changing times and the demands of generational preferences…but until then, we can still savor the savvy, social media platforms sweeping the cyber world!

If you’ve grown tired of Twitter and disinterested in Pinterest, consider FunYo; the unique, social network that’s currently making waves. Described as a hybrid of Facebook and Chatroulette, is the place to engage in online communities face-to-face via live webcam interraction.


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